.n C/U [tranz`lEndia]

1. (adaptation) land of advanced translation and localisation services
2. a company, that delivers tranlation and localization for its clients

  • We compete complex translation projects in full or as a subcontractor.
  • Our offer is addressed to business clients and translation agencies.
  • We specialise in European languages.
  • We provide punctuality with high quality and an attractive service price.
  • If you are interested, please contact us.
  • We use specialised software to support the translation process (CAT tools).
  • We care about the consistency of translations. We create a translation memory for the customer which helps to maintain consistency of terminology.
  • We only co-operate with reliable, qualified translators.
  • Translators are selected according to the field.
  • Projects are carried out with the participation of translators whose target language is their mother tongue.
  • Specialist translations are created thorough consultation with experts in the field such as medical doctors, lawyers, etc.
  • We possess the following certificates: Prince2, Certificate of Localization Project Management, IPMA
  • The offer is based on the number of words, so our offer is cheaper than our competitors.
  • For each client we create a database, it reduces costs through the use of partial substitution of previous translations.
  • We operate on a "lean management" concept (low personal overheads).
  • We are a small flexible company, we have no corporational constraints.
  • We apply a proven project management method.
  • We work with certified project managers.
  • We know the translation process, we have undertaken it numerous times.